Free Download

North Pole SantaGPS (690K) can be downloaded from (see note and links below for Vista users):

For Vista users:  The installation program no longer works for Vista.  Instead, download from the following links.  You will need to "Extract All Files" to a folder then run the santa.exe program from the folder.  The installation is not quite as "fancy" but it works fine.  There is no installation program, just extract the files and run santa.exe from the folder.

                                     Links for files only version for Vista:


After you've successfully installed SantaGPS and checked it out, Your license code can be generated by visiting The Dangerous Store for Boys or Survivapedia.  The on-line registration system will automatically generate a license code and return it directly to your browser. We won't sell or information or inundate you with spam. 

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Trouble Downloading?

Check your security settings. Some Browsers will not allow a .EXE file to be downloaded if the security setting is set to 'High'.